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We offer 4 pricing levels

 LEVEL 1  (Easy): 


1 Page Resume $150 | 2 Page Resume $300 | Cover Letter $150

Apprentice Tradesperson, Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk, Bartender, Cook, Customer Service Representative, Derrickhand, Equipment Operator, Floorhand, Motorhand, Server, Shipper/Receiver, Truck Driver, Warehouse Associate, and more



 LEVEL 2  (More Complex): 


Resume $400 | Cover Letter $250 | Interview Coaching $150

New Post-secondary Graduate, Accountant, Administrative Assistant, Buyer/Purchaser, Commissioning & Startup Coordinator, Driller, Engineer, Executive Assistant, Firefighter, Foreman, General Foreman, Human Resources Advisor, Instrumentation Technician, Journeyman Automotive Technician, Journeyman Electrician, Journeyman Heavy Equipment Technician, Journeyman Millwright, Journeyman Plumber, Journeyman Pipefitter/Steamfitter, Journeyman Welder, Planner/Scheduler, Plant Operator, Process Operator, Safety Advisor, Sales Executive, Retail Department Manager, Teacher, Technologist, Warehouse Supervisor, and more



 LEVEL 3  (Managers): 


Resume $500-$600 | Cover Letter $300 | Interview Coaching $200 | LinkedIn Profile $600

Branch Manager, Construction Manager, Controller, Drilling Consultant, Field Superintendent, Human Resources Manager, Marketing Manager, Operations Manager, Pipeline Consultant, Project Manager, Purchasing Manager, Restaurant Manager, Rig Manager, Safety Manager, Sales Manager, Store Manager, and more



 LEVEL 4  (Executives): 


Resume $750 (Director level) to $1000 (C-suite level) | Cover Letter $400-$500 | Interview Coaching $250 | LinkedIn Profile $750

CEO, CFO, COO, President, C-suite Executive, Vice President, Executive Director, Director, General Manager, Multi-Unit Manager, District Manager, Regional Manager, and many other executive roles

If you are unsure where you fit on this fee scale, feel free to call me (Julie) for a quote.


What do you get? 


All résumé clients receive the following:

  • A strategic, targeted high-impact resume

  • 1-2 hour one-on-one telephone consultation (up to 3 hours for Level 4)

  • Optional cover letter

  • Optional job interview coaching

  • Microsoft Word and PDF files

  • Free LinkedIn Guide

  • Free Job Interview Guide

  • Sample Interview Questions

  • Free customizable Thank You Email Template

  • 10 years of resume storage (in case of lost files or future updates)


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Most of our clients see a huge increase in the number of job interviews they get, and they happily refer their family and friends to us, knowing  we will take care of them. They also trust us with their own resume updates.


Our success in getting people into interviews is due to our attention to detail in creating exceptionally well written, keyword rich résumés that are strategically positioned to fit a specific occupation. This is critical in getting you screened in by ATS keyword search algorithms if you are applying online. 


To make sure you are 100% satisfied, any revisions needed to optimize the resume, cover letter and/or LinkedIn content are included at no extra charge during the first 30 days after emailing you the first draft, provided that you are still targeting jobs in the same occupation.


If you decide to target more than one occupation, you may need more than one version. For example, a welder's resume would be very different from a truck driver's resume, even if it's for the same person. We would be happy to create additional versions, but an additional charge will apply. Please ask us for a quote for all the versions you want us to create. There may be significant cost savings on the additional versions, depending on how different they are from the original resume we create for you.


An outstanding resume can save you months of rejection.

Why not invest in yourself?