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How it works

 Book an appointment 


1. If your résumé needs to be updated or built from scratch, please call Julie at (780) 488-1812 to discuss your needs. Julie will be happy to answer your questions and to give you a fee quote.

2. If you have been applying extensively without getting any interviews, feel free to email your current résumé to to request feedback on why it may not be working (either before or after calling Julie).

3Call Julie to book an appointment & pay a 50% deposit by Visa, MasterCard, or Interac e-transfer at the time of booking. All consultations will be done by phone. Before you book, please decide if you want a cover letter or extra pages of the résumé. Extra pages may be required if you want to describe more than 2 complex jobs in detail. See the Pricing page for fees. 

CANCELLATION POLICY: The first $200 of your deposit will not be refunded if you cancel or "no show" your appointment with less than ten (10) calendar days' notice. If you need to reschedule, you will be given one chance to do so. If you cancel or “no show” again, the first $200 of your deposit will not be refunded to partially compensate the resume writer for her revenue loss on both days. If you cancel during/after we interview you or after we start writing, all time spent working on your file (including interview time) will be charged at $50/hour, up to the maximum amount agreed upon in the contract.

 Agree to our terms 

4. Once the deposit has been paid/processed, Julie will email you a client agreement. Simply reply to our email with a sentence that says you agree to our price and terms.

 Find 2 job postings 


5. Choose and email in the 2 most detailed and descriptive job postings you can find online. These will help us to maximize keyword matches (to get you past the ATS algorithms if you apply online). If you haven't already done so, please email your existing resume to us at the same time. If you don't have one, just send us the job postings.


 Brainstorm content   



6. Brainstorm your resume strategy and content with Julie during a 1-2 hour telephone consultation. Although we never do face-to-face consultations, Julie is extremely thorough in interviewing you for content (no questionnaires)! In fact, executive files or people with multiple complex jobs may require longer than 2 hours to capture everything. This can be split over two sessions, if necessary. Level 1 one-page resumes may require less than 1 hour. 

7. Decide on your resume layout (we will email you a number of layout choices after the consultation).



 Review & pay in full   


8. We will email you the first draft of your resume (and cover letter, if requested) in a PDF file, along with our invoice for the balance owing. We will do our best to finish everything as close to the estimated due date as possible. However, we reserve the right to take longer to make sure we produce a high quality product, especially during our busiest periods.

9. Make your final payment within 24 hours of receiving the first draft.


10. Once you are paid in full, we will email you a receipt and our free LinkedIn Guide, free Job Interview Guide, Sample Interview Questions, and a free thank-you email template.

11. You will be given 30 days from invoice date to finalize any changes to your document(s). We suggest you carefully review the first draft, then call, text, or email in the changes you feel are necessary to make it 100% true.

12. We will email you the corrected second draft within 24 hours in Microsoft Word and PDF formats. If any additional corrections are needed after that, they will also be free of charge during the first 30 days.


 Start applying 


13. Save your documents to your own devices or cloud storage, and start applying for jobs.

14. Follow the step-by-step instructions in our LinkedIn Guide to post your resume content on LinkedIn.


15. If you have trouble in job interviews, you can ask Julie about our optional job interview coaching service.


Since 2005, we have helped thousands of clients to get
more interviews, better jobs and higher salaries in every field.

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